Meet the Sisters a.k.a. the beauties and brains behind your new favorite brand and blog, On Holiday. Amanda and Megan, twin sisters and built in besties, conceptualized and founded On Holiday after feeling inspired by the women entrepreneurs they connected with in their daily lives. Read more to learn all about Amanda and Megan, where they gain their inspiration, feelings about being a new biz owner, and more.

Where did the idea for On Holiday come from?

Megan – We had been going back and forth with some names, but as soon as Amanda mentioned ” On Holiday” the search was over!

Amanda – When I think of the phrase “On Holiday” it just sounds luxurious, special, and tropical. I’ve always gravitated towards coastal and preppy trends, so when thinking of what we wanted our dress line to be called, I immediately wanted it to sound like an attainable destination that everyone could visit.

How would you describe the style of On Holiday and how does it reflect your own style?

Amanda – I would like to think that my personality very much reflects my style! I prefer bright colors, and whimsical nods to classic and traditional pieces. On Holiday’s goal is to make everyday a holiday in the clothes we put on our body! We want to feel we stepped onto a sunset dinner on the beach, but all in the comfort of our own home with our families. The On Holiday girl is colorful, and up beat, and not afraid of a few risks. (Even if it’s just in her outfit!)

Megan – We definitely want your clothes to be a reflection of how you are feeling. Allowing a dress to take you from the beach, to brunch, to a wedding, that says it all. If you want to reach for that dress over and over again, we are doing something right! Bonus if it doesn’t need to be dry cleaned!

Why does On Holiday stand out from the crowd?

Amanda – We are wanting to provide quality, attainable, resort wear that could be available to more than just a certain demographic. On Holiday is going to allow those ladies in all price points to partake of something fun, and whimsical, without breaking the bank.

Megan – On Holiday takes you from wishing you were on a beach to feeling like it! We want everyone to feel that no matter their circumstance, that getting dressed can help you feel your best.

Who do you see wearing On Holiday?

Amanda – I want my sisters and girlfriends to wear our dresses! I want the girl who isn’t into fashion want to reach for our dresses again and again because of how she feels when she wears them.

Megan – I agree with Amanda here! We want our family and friends to to wear these dresses. If you believe in the power of getting up and getting dressed, I know it will change the mood of the day.

What has been your favorite part of being a new business owner?

Amanda – Yikes… still learning and growing over here! But, I love that I am chasing a dream I have had for a long time. There is something so rewarding watching other women accomplish and fulfill a goal, and now that Megan and I are in the drivers seat, it’s been such a wild ride!

Megan – If others get to do it, then why can’t we? That is what we asked ourselves. There is never a right time to start something. You just start! We are learning so many things, sampling some amazing fabrics, and building contacts, just to name a few. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

What are some of your own favorite trends, brands, or clothing pieces?

Megan – I have always gravitated towards sneakers! Never underestimate the power of a classic white sneaker. Pair it with a dress and you are gold. Some of my favorites are Keds and Stan Smith’s.

Amanda – I am loving the headband trend right now! I can not get enough. I love that it instantly elevates an outfit, or a greasy bun, in seconds! My headband collection is growing rapidly, and I hope it doesn’t leave anytime soon! My wardrobe airs on the more traditional side, so I am always looking for fun accessories to mix it up! Some of my favorite accessories destinations are J. Crew, H&M, and Tuckernuck.

Lastly, if you could wear one outfit for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

Amanda – EASY! A flowy dress, big earrings, and a giant headband! Maybe some platform sandals to polish the look.

Megan – A dress!! Bonus if it has pockets and a forgiving waistband. Add a gold hoop and a simple sandal. Done!